World of gardening – Greenhouse cover materials

grow_greenhouse_coversIn past greenhouses were covered with glass only, and there was not a lot of choice when it came to building materials. But right now you have a wide selection of building materials for your greenhouse. Vitavia Greenhouses have a very good selection and you can see what they offer on their site. You won’t be disappointed believe me when I say that they are one of the best in their line of work.

When it comes to materials we have building materials for cover and building materials for a structure of a greenhouse and in this article, I will go through cover materials. Materials for cover come in medium variety which includes clear, translucent and semi-translucent materials.

Tempered glass panes are more expensive material for greenhouse cover but it is very strong and resistant to impact. For greater insulation value you should use 4mm thick tempered glass, but you can use 3mm glass as well. Even though tempered glass is expensive if compared to polycarbonate panels it is scratch-resistant and more durable as well. Tempered glass panes are clear, so they are used only for greenhouses that grow starters and germinate seeds. For full growth of the plants clear cover is not as effective as translucent cover so you should not use it for that, instead you can cover your greenhouse with fiberglass.

Fiberglass is, as you might have guessed from the last paragraph, translucent and it provides diffused light. Even banner-05though it doesn’t provide UV protection for the plants, fiberglass is very popular material for greenhouse covers. Fiberglass is a good heat retainer and more importantly, fiberglass cover of your greenhouse will last over 5 years (in some cases up to 10 years) without any problems. After a certain time, fiberglass becomes yellowed and etched and then you should replace it.

Polyethylene film is easy to maintain and cheap material for greenhouse covers, and it comes with UV treatment which protects your plants from UV light. Polyethylene is translucent which means that it provides diffused light, in this case semi-diffused light which means that greenhouses with polyethylene cover can be used for all kinds of gardening.field11_irit

The price of this greenhouse cover tells you everything about it. It lasts between 3 and 5 years and it will sag and stretch on strong wind. And you will have to be careful with a placement of polyethylene covered greenhouse because falling branches may poke the material. One sheet of polyethylene will not retain heat as well as greenhouse, which are covered with two sheets of the same material. Twin-wall of polyethylene will make your greenhouse more rigid and it will have better results at saving heat.

And finally, we have polycarbonate which is modern and high-quality cover material for greenhouses. Polycarbonate comes in different thicknesses and it can be used for growing anything. One wall of polycarbonate will provide you with a clear cover for a greenhouse. If you use two walls of polycarbonate it will increase the insulation it provides and it will create semi-translucent light. Three walls of polycarbonate give fully diffused light and high heat retention.